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A boil alert is issued when the pressure is lost in the water line and there is the possibility of any foreign substance entering the system. (Click here for information about contaminants.)

INSTRUCTIONS: Boil the water vigorously at or near 212 f (100 c) for at least one full minute to kill any disease causing bacteria that may be present in the water. (A microwave oven may be used to boil the water.) Vigorous boiling for one minute will kill any disease-causing microorganisms present in water.

The flat taste of boiled water may be improved by pouring it back and forth between two clean containers before use, by allowing it to stand for a few hours after boiling, or by adding a small pinch of salt for each quart of water boiled.

Water to be used for drinking, cooking, making any prepared drink, or brushing the teeth should be boiled.

For more information regarding safe drinking water, click here

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