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This Division has approximately 465 miles of water lines, 17 water storage tanks, 12 water pumping stations, and 3 water treatment plants that currently service approximately 15,275 customers. The majority of the water supplied by the County is obtained from the Avon Lake Water Treatment Plant via Rural Lorain County Water Authority. Water is delivered at three (3) separate locations which can deliver 14 million gallons per day, while the present average daily consumption is approximately 4 million gallons per day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the County charge for the water?

The current rate is $7.20 per 1,000 gallons of water. A typical family of four uses about 7,000 gallons of water per month. *

What is the water debt fee?

A fee included in the monthly water bill dedicated to the debt retirement for construction projects (i.e. water towers, pump stations, fire hydrants, and transmission lines) provided by the County of Medina based on customer meter size.

What does it cost to connect?

Please contact the Permit Department at 330-723-9581 or 330-723-9599 for the most current connection fees. *

What Fees Are Involved?

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Do I have to pay these costs if I don't connect? Will the price go up in the future?

No, homeowners do not have to pay the charges if they do not connect. The price charged for construction is set by the County Board of Commissioners and is based on actual construction costs and is subject to change as construction prices change over time.

Who pays for the connection from the street to my home?

The homeowner will need to hire a contractor registered with the County to install the connection. The costs will vary depending on site conditions. *

What type and size of pipe will I need to run to my house?

Our water department personnel will size your line for you based on the water pressure in your location and your distance from the street. The typical service connection is 1" diameter. Service connections must be type K copper when the meter is installed in the house. Type K copper is required to an outside meter but 200 psi plastic pipe is acceptable after the meter vault.

Who bores under the street if the waterline is on the opposite side of the road?

Your contractor will need to dig access pits for the County's bore machine to bore under the road. The cost of the bore is included in your connection fee.

Does the County offer financing?

Financing is available only for new water main construction at the time it is made available to new customers. The County will not finance construction fees for existing waterlines.

Is there a penalty if we do not hook up?

There is a delayed tap-in charge of $4 per month that accumulates until the time of connection. The charge was established to assist in paying for the water towers, pump stations, over-sized lines and hydrants installed for fire protection that is available to every home whether connected to the waterline or not. The fee is only collected when a home connects to the waterline. *

Where does Medina County get their water?

In the county's northern water system, water from Lake Erie is treated by the City of Avon Lake and delivered into Medina County through three (3) separate transmission lines. In the southern part of the county, water is supplied by wells then treated and distributed to our customers.

When do I need an outside meter and vault?

In General, outside meters are required when a house is set more than 150 feet back from the street, for slab homes, or if you have a pond in front of your home.

Will public water bring more development to our area?

In areas not served with public sewers, lot sizes must remain large to accommodate septic systems. A public water supply can make an area more desirable but will not necessarily increase the density of development.

Can I keep my well or cistern?

A well or cistern can be kept in service as long as it is not physically connected to any plumbing that is connected to Medina County's water system. You must get a permit from the County Health Department to alter or abandon your water well or cistern when making connection to the county water main.

What Does "Boil Alert" Really Mean?

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What Are Some Ways I Can Conserve Water?

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What Should I know About Lead In My Drinking Water?

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*All pricing information subject to change without notice. Call our office at (330)723-9585 for up-to-date pricing information.