Medina County Sanitary Engineers


The Board of County Commissioners have established the Medina County Sanitary Engineering Department which is responsible for the operation of all sewerage facilities, water distribution facilities, and solid waste management provided by Medina County. This department employs approximately 130 people and all expenses of the operations and debt are funded through various user charges collected from those who utilize the services. General Fund money is not being expended for any of these services. A description of each division is as follows:


This Division maintains approximately 534 miles of sanitary sewers throughout the County which includes the City of Medina, the City of Brunswick and several townships. There are three (3) Waste Water Treatment Plants which have a total average rated daily capacity of 19.5 million gallon per day. The plants are located in Liverpool, Hinckley and Westfield Townships. Together the plants treat approximately 12.5 million gallon per day and serving approximately 35,500 residents and businesses. Two of these treatment plants are located within the Lake Erie Drainage Basin, and required to meet extremely stringent discharge parameters required by the Ohio EPA. The Liverpool Waste Water Treatment Plant( 89 Columbia Rd, Valley City) now accepts septage from septic tank haulers located within the County.


This Division has approximately 465 miles of water lines, 17 water storage tanks, 12 water pumping stations, and 3 water treatment plants that currently service 15,275 customers. The majority of the water supplied by the County is obtained from the Avon Lake Water Treatment Plant via The Rural Lorain County Water Authority. This water is distributed in the County's Northwest water system (Lake Erie Drainage Basin). Water is delivered at three (3) separate locations which can deliver 14 million gallons per day, while the present average daily consumption is approximately 4 million gallons per day. Three different well water systems server areas in the southern portion (Ohio River Basin) of the County. These are the Sharon, Chippewa Lake, and Westfield systems.


In order to be in compliance with the Solid Waste Act of Ohio(HB-592), the County constructed a Central Processing Facility in 1993, in order to recover recyclable materials from the solid waste stream. All solid waste generated and collected within Medina County is delivered to this facility. The mixed municipal solid waste, which now totals approximately 125,000 tons per year, is then sorted in order to remove recyclable material and produce organic compost. In addition, yard waste is brought to the facility separately and is composted to produce a humus material which is made available to the public as a soil supplement. This facility is currently recovering approximately 30% of the material from solid waste collected thus diverting it from valuable landfill space. This facility received a silver award in 1997 in a competition of other similar facilities located in North America. Solid Waste Division Web Site.

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