The Medina County Sanitary Engineering Department has four (4) separate Divisions: (1) Administration;(2) Sewerage; (3) Water Supply and Distribution; and (4) Solid Waste. (For a detailed description of these divisions, click here). The Sanitary Engineering Department has always functioned as a self-supporting department with the funds necessary to provide services, personnel, and debt retirement obtained through user charges to those residences or firms which utilize the services provided.

The Medina County Sanitary Engineers Office currently provides, maintains, and manages water and wastewater systems for approximately 50,000 customers. The primary goal is to provide safe, reliable, efficient services that are in compliance with Local, State and Federal Regulations.

Our Mission: To provide effective and sustainable water, water reclamation, and solid waste management services while preserving and protecting the natural resources of Medina County.

Our Vision: To make decisions that are fiscally responsible and regulatory compliant, and to deliver the best value and service to our customers and the community.